Phil Tuckett has been a producer/director at NFL films for over 32 years. Tuckett began as a cinematographer, capturing some of the most memorable events in football history like the stupefying "Miracle of the Meadowlands." He has been instrumental in establishing the pioneering style of the NFL FILMS filmmaking. Since 1978, Tuckett has won 30 Emmys for cinematography, writing, editing & directing.

Tuckett has a film debuting at the Jalisco Film Festival entitled The Golden Age, a film documenting a season in the life of the Golden Age League, a soccer league in Corona Park, Queens, New York.

Tuckett has also ventured outside the sports arena. He is currently in post-production of Where Blood Runs Cold, a four-part series of documentaries for the History Channel about survival in extreme weather conditions which he is producing/directing.

In June of 2003 Tuckett produced and directed Blood From a Stone, a docu-movie also for The History Channel. Blood From a Stone tells the story of two American GI's who during the final days of the European Theater of World War II liberate 40 uncut diamonds from Nazi officers and then bury them in a fox hole where they remained buried for nearly sixty years until they were found by an Israeli treasure hunter.

Tuckett's other recent non-football documentary credits include My Father's Gun, the critically acclaimed prim time docu-movie for the History Channel. The special chronicled one family's three-generation history in the New York Police Department that spanned 100 years. In 2000 Tuckett explored the darker side of the human condition in Faces of Evil, a documentary film for TNT. Tuckett was also the co-executive producer for A&E's highly rated Biography NFL Great Week.

Tuckett has produced such critically acclaimed specials as Autumn Ritual, NFL Symfunny, 25 years of Sports Illustrated, and Munich Revisited, the ABC documentary that took a look back at the 1972 Israeli hostage tragedy. For Football America, the 1996 Emmy winner for Outstanding Sports Special, Tuckett traveled to remote locations around the country to gather grass roots stories that created a definitive portrait of football as a reflection for the "America Dream." Tuckett went to the heart and soul of pro football by exploring not the country's disparate hamlets, but the attics and basements of family and friends of pros to collect home movie reels of these and other NFL legends as kids for TNT original feature documentary - Before They Were Pros.